22 December 2009

The new 7 great tricks to improve your life.

No, this isn't another "7 great tricks to improve your life" article. I have read many of them. I have read many great advice lists and found many great ideas on various sites (like Zen Habits just to name one). I have also found a lot of advice that doesn't suit me and finally, there's even more tricks that I have found and lost.

It's time for something different.

New year is coming, and with it, the resolutions. So, for that occasion, I have 7 awesome tips to make your life better:

  1. find 3 sports activities that you will practice without making any excuses
  2. find the 3 weight loss mistakes you keep on making
  3. find 10 tips that will help you become more productive
  4. same thing for organized
  5. find 5 cool family activities to do more often
  6. find 6 lunches that you will finally pack for work
  7. find 7 more positions for the list you're reading that would best apply to you.
Once you've found all that stuff (and I bet you know where to look), you'll have a great starting point for improving your life in 2010. Good luck!