22 September 2010

5 reasons why I prefer cats over dogs

Below are 5 reasons why I prefer cats over dogs.

Reason #1:

Reason #2:

Reason #3:

Reason #4:

Reason #5:

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18 September 2010

Figuring out the right and wrong women's figures

When it comes to women's figures, the norms keep on changing. It however used to be simple: when sweets were a luxury, fat meant rich and thus was "in". Then it was thin's turn: thin people were the ones who could resist the temptation of tasty food - a kind of saint. That one has been taken too far, up to anorectic chick, and too many deaths later, something seems to be slightly changing. But how exactly?

If you're slightly too thin, there's always someone for you to ask whether you've got anorexia:

Yet, a model's silhouette is still this:

Can you see the difference?
(In reality, if an anorexic person is that skinny, it means that his or her illness has already gone very far and done severe damage. Read more about it on Psychology Today.)

If too thin is sick, what about the other way? There just was a plus-size show at New York Fashion Week:

Does that mean that extra weight is now socially acceptable? I'm not sure: Jessica Simpson has recently been heavily criticized for her weight gain, while she looks good and is far from being obese:

So what's right and what's wrong when it comes to a woman's figure? Go figure!

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