06 August 2011

Blogging my thesis - second edtition

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second edition of "Blogging my thesis".

This time, I'm doing a cloud version of the Sage Notebook. I'm doing the front-end in ASP.NET MVC 3 with C# and Razor, the back-end in Python and an SQL Server database in-between.

Since a screenshot is worth around 1024 words, here's a little preview:

The good news is that it's cool and I'm learning a lot while writing it (like MVC or jQuery).

The bad news is that it's due on September the 30th. I wished to have it finished by the beginning of next month, but I'm afraid it will take too much work.

Well, however it turns out, it's cool.

23 June 2011

Hugging cat

Dear readers,

For your amusement, below is a picture of a cat hugging a little girl.


01 May 2011

Geek goes funemployed

Hi guys, I'm funemployed!

This is good news for two reasons:

  1. I now have more time to do loads of great stuff,
  2. I'm gonna blog more, since I'll be looking for a job and trying look my best out there in the interwebs.
So what exactly are these loads of great stuff?
  1. Meeting lots of friends (I've started already and it's going great.)
  2. Writing my master thesis in CS (I've started already and it's going to be going great.)
  3. Getting another Microsoft certificate, 70-562 this time.
  4. Writing the best Android app ever, the one from the Big Bang Theory that solves differential equations (yeah, I'm 100% serious).
  5. Running and biking in the sunshine.
  6. Surely many more - funemployed doesn't mean idle!
I am told not to show off my material status on the Internet, so I won't get into the details, but let me just say I am now the lucky owner of an Android device - all the app out there are really great and I feel inspired to contribute some of my own. Even cooler, I have a few friends who feel the same way - bring on the SDK!