23 December 2008

Big day that started bad

Today was a really big day for me: I decided to start writing my master thesis!

Here's how the title goes:

Displacement of smooth integers in short intervals and their applications in cryptography.
Sounds great, doesn't it?

So. I found the papers with the stuff I needed to start and downloaded the LaTeX template. Didn't compile. Tried compiling a kinda "Hello, World!" document. Didn't compile. Switched computers. Didn't compile.

Started loading The Sims on one of the computers while fighting with MikTex 2.7 on the other one. The Sims would freeze while loading any lot. Started wondering really hard what was going on with the world.

The Sims were easier to fix. I downloaded Sims2Pack Clean Installer, that showed my add-ons by install date, with a red background if they were suspicious. I got them working after a few tries and build something like a dorm that was in fact an apartment lot. Some old guy moved to my so-called dorm, no girl did and the residents would stay in their bedrooms instead of enjoying the kitchen, study, tv room, swimming pool and other cool stuff I prepared for them. Still, doesn't beat the stupidity of the 51 NPCs that moved into that:

Fixing MikTex was harder. Actually, there was no fixing, but getting the 2.5 version from Daddy from two years ago and getting the required packages from some russian ftp server.

But, I wrote my name on the master thesis template, so I have officially started writing it today!

19 December 2008

Yet another programming language

I blogged about learning Java and C#, and here I am again, learning a new language again: Python.

They made me. At work. First, I was a bit mad: I'm learning Objective Caml at school, C# for the 70-536 exam, can my brain take much more?

But as soon as I tried it, I loved it for the easy syntax and operations on lists. It also supports supports multiple programming paradigms (primarily object oriented, imperative, and functional) - how cool is that?

Okay, so I started learning. First thing I did was, of course, "Hello, World!". Then, my new favourite way of learning programming languages - Project Euler! That was cool - doing something I love, learning and getting paid! Ain't I a lucky geek?

15 December 2008

Silverlight: my app is up!

Yeah, finally! The website I was working on this summer is up (and featured on silverlight.net)! In Polish only, but my boss said we'll get it translated. For now, you can check out the cool animated tree menu and the HTML ovelay iframe that adjusts its height to you browser window (provided that your browser window is tall and you reaload the app) at bcp.softax.pl.

Oh, and did I mention I got engaged? Mmm, yeah, I did.

14 December 2008

I'm engaged!

Great news people - I am engaged! Boyfriend proposed to me yesterday in our new apartment!

As a very professional blogger, I said that I needed a picture to post here, so Boyfriend took a few with the camera in his phone. If you use your imagination look really close, you can see the ring on my finger!

12 December 2008

What is that? The poor man's Wii?

Someone tell me what's going on...

On December the 10th, a new gaming console was released in Poland: the VMAX16. Take a look:

It has 7 sports games and controllers with movement sensors - doesn't it remind you of some other console?

It gets weirder, however: it costs 50(fifty) $! That's like an extra controller for the Wii!

And it gets even weirder: googling for articles in English about it doesn't get you anywhere. Searching for the manufacturer, Speed Link, does get you to the official site, but searching for "vmax 16" on that site returns void.

I'm really curious what that thing will turn out to be. My hope: competition for the Wii that will make it twice cheaper. Let's wait a bit for the reviews.

[Source, picture credit]

10 December 2008

Life geekified: gift paper

Christmas is coming, people need presents ideas, so it's the right moment for a few "Life geekified" posts. I'll start with the end: gift paper.

Geek gift paper... not the most common product around. Think Geek has some beautiful stuff:

Unfortunately, the most beautiful one, Equations, is sold out.

The only other option I came across is this Space Invaders paper from Whimsy:

So, there isn't much competition in his area. So, there are two things to do: produce some geek gift paper and get creative!

09 December 2008

Good news

Two good news tonight, people!

  1. Season 3 of The IT Crowd is good. Watch if you haven't started yet.
  2. You can win a 1000$ shopping spree at Think Geek, and the competition's not restricted to the U.S.!Add Image

Of course, I sold my soul for the tiny chance of getting all the geek stuff I want. Even my phone number! Don't ask what else I could throw in...

Flu Kitteh is in your haus

This is what I looked like these past few days (except for the hair and the soda). For that reason, I was doing what cats do best - laying in bed all day. Instead of blogging. Or studying for my exam, which I may postpone. Or buying Christmas gifts - which I might start regretting soon, as it's a bit late to order anything by mail, and it will be kinda late too to find something in the shops by the time I get good enough to go there. But, I did a bit of research and found a few things for my brothers and tons of stuff for myself. Well, that's an excellent start.

[Picture Source]

04 December 2008

Spend 20 months learning and earning

Yes, you can spend 20 months learning and getting paid! I just came across two serious offers that allow you to do that.

First, you can spend two months learning C/C++ in Samsung's R&D center. Starts on the 5th of January. Full offer here.

Then, you can spend 18 months in an administration school. Starts on the 2nd of March. Full offer here.

(See how the dates match? It must be destiny!)

The catch? It's 18 months of administration school and then you have to work there for five years or give the money back. But hey, isn't it great how many opportunities to learn and earn are there?