27 November 2008

I just registered for the 70-536 exam

Wish me luck, everyone! I'm taking the 70-536 exam (Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation) on the 16th of December. So I have a bit less than three weeks to get ready. Maybe the fact that two colleagues from work are doing something isn't reason enough to do it, but I don't care - I'm doing it.

Okay, so how do I get prepared? Boss bought us the training kit:

It's a book with practice tests, so I'm reading it when I can and taking the tests. I really hope it will work. I'm a bit worried as I haven't heard the best opinions about it, but, well, we'll see.

My 6-months programming experience should help too, I recently learned how to use reflexions, for example. Basically, that's what the exam is supposed to measure: your level of experience.


  1. Hi,

    I wish you all the best!

    I took part at the "71-565" today - ...oh dear - that wasn't really good for me... :-( ...but interesting. :-)

    ...so - I came with nothing - I went home with nothing... ;-)


    Stone :-)

  2. Ooh, I hope you do better next time. You can retake this exam for free, right?

  3. No - you have only one chance to do the beta-test...

    Next Monday, I'll participate to "71-505". A friend of me done this test yesterday. He said that there were a small bunch of WPF- and LINQ-questions (ok - the test IS about .net 3.5).

    But these beta-test are not my main goal. My goal is also to do the "70-536" and I bought the same book you showed here.

    When do you participate the test?

    Kindly regards,


  4. Hi,

    are there any news of your taken exam??



  5. Well, first I got sick, then Christmas came, then I had exams at school, and now I registered for next Thursday.