01 November 2008

I swear I don't celebrate Halloween

I swear I don't celebrate Halloween. I just was at a party yesterday. And two years ago too. I don't remember about last year, however - does that mean I partied that hard?

Yesterday's party was at Long Unseen Friend's place and had nothing to do with Halloween: he was just back for a few days (he's an exchange student) and wanted to meet his friends. One guy had had his birthday a few days sooner and therefore receive a few gifts and a cake substitute. Besides that, the party consisted of people sitting on the floor, eating (Long Unseen Friend's Mom prepared lots of great food), drinking beer or juice and talking. Talking consisted of people talking about what they do best and others interrupting them with a "Will you stop talking about your master thesis? We're trying to have a party here!". Almost everyone had to be interrupted in such a way at least once.

No matter how much I appreciate people trying to have fun and forget about school, I kinda miss the times where we would play Set, or worse: the differentiable function (people sit in a circle and someone gives a function and n-th person gives its n-th derivative). Well, nothing lasts for ever, not even that great game, although it could if the starting function was smooth.

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