27 April 2010

I'm a Bachelor of Science. Computer Science.

As I was writing a little bit before yesterday, I recently had the opportunity to defend myself, and I'm very happy to announce that I succeeded: I now am a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. (On the other hand, I don't really know what I should capitalize here, but it sure looks great that way.)

Boy was I stressed. Well, I kinda mentioned it already. Plus, it's evident: it was my first defense, but most importantly, I hadn't revised everything I wished.

My stress was quickly relieved, however. I came to school over two hours earlier for some last revisions on-line and was drinking a vanilloccino when one of my professor asked me whether I was free. Without thinking too much, I said yes and got taken to a room where defenses were taking place. I took the exam and was free two hours earlier than expected - lucky me!

Next defense, coming soon! This time, in mathematics.

20 April 2010


Tomorrow, I'm defending my Bsc in computer science.

Which means I'm revising my eyes out. And napping.

That's totally a good thing, because Lifehacker keeps saying how cool naps are.

Two things I'm not doing are procrastinating (I'll do that later) and panicking. It's weird. I should panic. If I take the list of requirements, the speed I'm revising them, the amount of time left and do the math, I've got reasons to panic. Just not the time, I guess. I need 2-3 more days of 100% focus on studying, but that thing is tomorrow.

Unless it isn't, because I need some signature here, something else here and the professor I need them from doesn't have any classes this semester, so he's kinda hard to catch. Honestly, I wouldn't be too disappointed if tomorrow's defense wasn't to happen.

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