20 April 2010


Tomorrow, I'm defending my Bsc in computer science.

Which means I'm revising my eyes out. And napping.

That's totally a good thing, because Lifehacker keeps saying how cool naps are.

Two things I'm not doing are procrastinating (I'll do that later) and panicking. It's weird. I should panic. If I take the list of requirements, the speed I'm revising them, the amount of time left and do the math, I've got reasons to panic. Just not the time, I guess. I need 2-3 more days of 100% focus on studying, but that thing is tomorrow.

Unless it isn't, because I need some signature here, something else here and the professor I need them from doesn't have any classes this semester, so he's kinda hard to catch. Honestly, I wouldn't be too disappointed if tomorrow's defense wasn't to happen.

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