21 November 2008

I bought a new laptop!

I bought a new laptop! It's an MSI Wind U100, it's pink and it's as cute as that:

Didn't really have time to test it yet - all I can say is that WinXP SP2 Pro got installed in 12 minutes and boots instantly. Something more like a review should appear here within days.

It's pink! I'm so excited! This was a really spontanious buy: I got the idea of buying a lightweight laptop on Sunday, picked the model on Wednesday, bought it yesterday (Thursday)!

Did I mention it was pink?

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  1. A very decent machine, got one running with Suse Desktop with Compiz on board for a while, and liked it very much. It had one disadvantage though, it was black, not pink ;)

  2. Don't you have it anymore? What have you done with it? You can't have had it for long...