12 December 2008

What is that? The poor man's Wii?

Someone tell me what's going on...

On December the 10th, a new gaming console was released in Poland: the VMAX16. Take a look:

It has 7 sports games and controllers with movement sensors - doesn't it remind you of some other console?

It gets weirder, however: it costs 50(fifty) $! That's like an extra controller for the Wii!

And it gets even weirder: googling for articles in English about it doesn't get you anywhere. Searching for the manufacturer, Speed Link, does get you to the official site, but searching for "vmax 16" on that site returns void.

I'm really curious what that thing will turn out to be. My hope: competition for the Wii that will make it twice cheaper. Let's wait a bit for the reviews.

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