23 December 2008

Big day that started bad

Today was a really big day for me: I decided to start writing my master thesis!

Here's how the title goes:

Displacement of smooth integers in short intervals and their applications in cryptography.
Sounds great, doesn't it?

So. I found the papers with the stuff I needed to start and downloaded the LaTeX template. Didn't compile. Tried compiling a kinda "Hello, World!" document. Didn't compile. Switched computers. Didn't compile.

Started loading The Sims on one of the computers while fighting with MikTex 2.7 on the other one. The Sims would freeze while loading any lot. Started wondering really hard what was going on with the world.

The Sims were easier to fix. I downloaded Sims2Pack Clean Installer, that showed my add-ons by install date, with a red background if they were suspicious. I got them working after a few tries and build something like a dorm that was in fact an apartment lot. Some old guy moved to my so-called dorm, no girl did and the residents would stay in their bedrooms instead of enjoying the kitchen, study, tv room, swimming pool and other cool stuff I prepared for them. Still, doesn't beat the stupidity of the 51 NPCs that moved into that:

Fixing MikTex was harder. Actually, there was no fixing, but getting the 2.5 version from Daddy from two years ago and getting the required packages from some russian ftp server.

But, I wrote my name on the master thesis template, so I have officially started writing it today!

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