14 August 2008

Adventures in HTML overlaying

Wow, the demand for articles about Silverlight is overwhelming! I've just been featured on Silverlight Cream #342 and I don't have that much to share yet. But, don't worry, my Silverlight masterpiece will be released soon and I'm learning everyday, so more goodies are to come.

I was saying I would try HTML overlay - I did and it works great. The most useful resource was this thread on silverlight.net, which is about displaying pdf files, but HTML overlay works in exactly the same way. (And why not gifs or Flash while we're at it?)

So here's what I did:
The grey rounded border is in Silverlight (as the stuff outside of it), and everything inside is HTML+CSS displayed in an iframe. The orange thingy is a link to a Wikipedia page, so let's click it.

Wow! That looks funny! It shouldn't be a surprise, but the link opened in the iframe. I know exactly how to prevent this, but... it looks kinda cool! Okay, let's close this window to ensure the iframe will disappear with it.
Ooops! Recognize those rectangles from the previous picture? They're tables and they disappear in FF, but IE has to be IE and cause issues. Fortunately, that was easy to work around (reset the iframe source while hiding it), but why, oh why, when I try to make peace with the M-corporation products, do they have to remind me how annoying they can be?


  1. I am also waiting for its release curiously.

  2. Looks like my boss will publish the page when I'll be in Spain so I'm afraid we'll have to wait a little bit to see.

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