10 August 2008

The Babbel experiment - continued

I'm going to Spain in two weeks - can't wait! I really need this holiday as I am really tired - too tired to study Arabic, so I'm focusing on Spanish for now. I'm continuing the Babbel experiment and listening to some Coffee Break Spanish while traveling to work.

So, as goals should be, among others, measurable, I diecided it was time to evaluate my Spanish. I googled "evaluate your Spanish" and took this test. I got 34% and learned I was a beginner. 34% isn't bad if it means that I already know a third of whatever there is to know and that made me optimistic. Until Boyfriend messaged me:

I got 37%.
Hell didn't know my fury. Mr I'm glad you're learning Spanish because that means I don't have to scored higher than me. Okay, he is smart, I wouldn't date him otherwise, but did that mean that all my work gave no results?
I marked B everywhere.
Boyfriend explained. What a relief! My translator summer job was saved. I could be proud of myself again.

Now I'm back to learning as mush Spanish as I can until I'm home.


  1. Spain is a nice place,you would love that place so much.

  2. I'm sure I will and I can't wait! :)

  3. well, i didn't score as high as i thought i would even though it's 73%.

    but to tell the truth, this test is not perfect. not the first 3 parts for sure.