23 August 2008

Silverlight: time for a little preview

Okay, so I've been writing about this Silverlight thing for a bit and it's time to show what I can do. The website I was working on will be released in a few weeks, but the content is irrelevant for most of you, so I scrapped all the content and some of the presentation and left only the interesting thing: the navigation tree in Silverlight.

The tree is cool: you can add as many levels as you want and from the second level, as many nodes as you want. "Want" as in "place on the canvas" and "won't take up all of your memory" (you know, this "exponential growth" thing can be tough in programming...). "Can" as in "I'm not releasing the sources so you can just wish". And... oh, yeah, I gotta go to bed, I'm not a good writer at this time of the night (2 a.m.).

So... *drum roll*... here it is!


  1. I'm now really jealous! You haven't been studying Silverlight for a long time (maybe I started before you) and now you can do this!
    This really makes me feel either I have a low IQ or you have a high one. I prefer the latter.

    Anyways, I feel good that I've subscribed to your feed. I knew that you have something to offer.

    I have a request though. Could you explain the idea behind this tree? Like a tutorial without the source.

  2. open source silverlight treeview control: