19 September 2009

Geek gets book

Six years after graduating from high school, I finally decided to read a book. A real book, with a story in it - a novel.

Well, it's not like I haven't read anything since 2003. There was Terry Pratchett's "The Unadulterated Cat":

Or a Dilbert I aquired by marriage:

And of course, I had my nose in many math handbooks or technical books, but none of these were a beginning-to-end read. There were, however, some, including religious stuff or psychological - manipulations are pretty interesting, aren't they?

Once upon a time, I found out a movie called "My Sister's Kepper" was being made. I read a bit about it and found the plot interesting. Right now, the movie is in theaters in Poland and I am planning on going to see it. When it was announced, I reminded myself my best friend's advice: "it's better to read the book first, and then see the movie", and I figured I might as well start now. So, I went on-line and quickly found a cheap used copy of Jodi Picoult's "My sister's keeper".

I love it. The book itself is great, but I am also suprised how fun reading a novel can actually be (thank you school for making me forget that), how rich the narration can be, how many times it is better that surfing the web. I'm past the half already and think I should save it for the days I commute to work - it's not like I have nothing to do at home - but reading has suddently become a bigger temptation than other ways of entertainment.

Well, I guess it's time on getiing some book recomendations... Or first, a recommendation for a book recommendation website. Anyone?

[Update] Well, actually, I just remembered that I had Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejuidice", which pretty much obsoletes half of this post.

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