15 October 2009

Blog action day: geek loathes global warming

Today is the third annual Blog Action Day and the theme is climate change. Let's discuss this "global warming" thing then.

First, I'd like to say that we're in middle October and it snowed yesterday, which doesn't usually happen until December in my country. I am not happy about it. I got cold while going out to pick up the groceries. Don't take it as balckmail, but if someone tell me how the Global Warming is inevitabely coming upon us, I will throw him a middle-October snowball in the face.

Second, let's raise the awareness about the sea levels raising. If you believe London will soon be the new Venice, I challenge you to do the followoing:

  • half-fill a glass of water
  • put an ice cube in it
  • mark the water level
  • let it melt (microwave it if you're in a hurry)
  • check the water level.
How much did it raise?

Phew, I got it off my chest. Back to constructive blogging about cool stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Most of the ice isn't floating, it's covering land (or standing on parts of the tectonic plate under see level), so it can actually change the see level.
    For me the problems with global warming are:
    1. they're changing the purposed cause of it every 5 years - ex. is it CO2 or not? The results don't converge to something more and more precise, it's more like "uh, we weren't right last time, but now most scientist agree that this fuzzy model fits and we don't have a proof that it's wrong, yet".
    2. I don't see any actual changes in a good direction, like introducing nuclear energy in coal-dependent countries and stronger reactions against South America deforestation (suddenly the climate isn't that important, when it's about helping Poland or stopping China)
    3. Even if some lands get flooded and some get too hot, yes, some people will die, but there's thousands of better ways to spend those humongous amounts of money and time.

    If someone doesn't agree with my opinion, that we shouldn't care about GW, please at least admit that
    1. some of the facts we were being taught in school were myths,
    2. it's more important for the governments to sacrifice some political comfort (don't pamper China) than for us to sacrifice incandescent light bulbs,
    3. the human race isn't going extinct because of a few degrees.