26 May 2012

On my wish list: a ready-to-use, convertible house

I'm fascinated by little convertible houses, where all space and furniture is designed to be multi-functional. I'd love to live in one.

Why don't I? Well, as with everything in life, there's some trade-offs. Not only that sort of home needs a lot of time to be designed, you also have to build most of the furniture yourself, as the commercial options are limited. (I think that my most functional piece of furniture is my sofa, that doubles as a guest bed and has storage underneath.) And let's face it, you need quite a bit of resources to make your own furniture, starting with lots of space (at least temporarily).

Well, as it turns out, there is another option: Graham Hill recently designed such an apartment for sale.

 The sofa hides a Murphy bed:

The kitchen counter expands to a table where you can sit up to 12 people! (Stackable chairs are stored behind one of the walls.) This is what amazes me the most. One of the biggest trade-offs of minimalism is the one of hospitality. Many people would feel offended if they were invited to stay in uncomfortable conditions.

Even the tableware was carefully chosen to be multi-functional!

For now, there is just one apartment of the kind, but with the rising popularity of minimalism, there will hopefully be more and more options widely available. Hopefully my next house will have lots of well-designed, multi-purpose convertible space for kids, guests, hobbies, everything.

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