01 December 2007

Adventures in kernel hacking

My operating systems class is a real pain in the brain. I spent the entire day yesterday trynig to compile anything. My dream goal was to add the "Hello, World'" module to the Linux kernel. It's still a pretty remote goal.
I had already spent a few days tryinhg to compile the kernel on Ubuntu 7.10 on my VmWare. First, there was a bug. Fixed it. Then it couldn't finish because the drive was full (and i started off with 5 gigs free!). Gave up.
Moved on to a VmWare on my boyfriend's server. Debian. Compiled kernel. Didn't boot (probably cause I screwed the disk drivers). BF fixed but told me to get UML because of all the screwing opportunities. won't compile with "ARCH=um".
Went to bed at 23h.
I started this day a lot nicer. An episode of "Project Runway". Talking to my parents. Tea, tea, tea, and more tea (my throat is always dry). Yoga and abs training. Then I did what women do best: spent half an hour in the bathroom using a dozen of different products.
Now it's time for one more cup of tea (or maybe coffee? no one sane compiles the linux kernel without coffee!) and googling about that UML.

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