23 December 2007

The mysterious tiny hole in Nokia 770

I did something very dumb today. Actually I started acting dumb yesterday. I installed the newest 2007HE OS and screwed a library by installing a newer version (3.3.8 instead of 3.3.5) but for 2006 OS. This screwed the media player. So this morning I was angry that I couldn't even listen to music, and I really don't know what got into me, but I pressed the bower button while it was deleting a file! I really should know how dangerous and forbidden it is... But well... So the tablet hung while shutting down for the entire day.
Well, what a great opportunity to learn more!
The Tablet has a tiny hole on the bottom. Many devices of the kind have one and it's a reset hole. This time, I deiced not to rely on my intelligence and google first. Half of the sources stated it was a reset hole indeed, and half that it was the microphone! I finally choose to believe this one:

Trust me it's not a hardware reset, I learned that the hard way.
...it's a mic.

I learned enough the hard way these days, so I played it safe. After removing the battery the device booted well.
Who designs a microphone that looks like a reset button and says "pluck me!" anyway?


  1. Dzień dobry!

    Nice to see a new 770 user on the ITT forums.

    feel free to stop by http://pupnik.de for random hackerish gamey stuff for the 770.

    I am vowing to make these things end-user installable for the pointy-clicky people, but if you are a linux fan, you might get some enjoyment out of it.

    Przybij piątkę!

  2. I want to reset..my RSS reader won't even open because it's loaded with too many feeds! Bites!!!

    ps you're cute (from a handsome guy)