01 January 2008

New year's resolutions

I never believed in new year's resolutions. Why wait for the 1st of January when you've got a good idea about changing your life for better? Or what good ever came from the cliche resolutions like "loos weight" (but how much and how?), "exercise more" (again, how?) or "improve my English"?
Whenever I get an improvement idea, I'll make a resolution or I'll forget it forever. I wrote about reading more just a few days ago. On the other hand, I also have a "it would be great to..." list which contains for example volunteering and getting a job, which, well, would be good, but school keeps me too busy at the moment.
This year however, I've been surfing on more motivational sites and right now, there are plenty of resolution ideas running around. So most probably, I'm gonna have some 2nd or 3rd January resolutions.
I set up an account on Joe's Goals to keep track of my goals. I don't really have problems with my willpower, still writing your achievements down always helps. I used to do it on a Gnumeric spreadsheet, but Joe's Goals is nicer, simpler and goal-oriented.
So what's on my list? Eating right, ab workout and yoga. Reading a bit of a book. Socializing (cause I'm a freaky geek glued to the computer). Amazing how "socializing" and "updating the damn blog" are popular, by the way. And last but not least, my only new year's resolution so far:

Read some lyrics.
I know, sounds weird. I'm a lyric-oriented songwriter and still, I don't read much lyrics. Most of the time, unless you gimme the plastic disc with the paper booklet, I will listen to a song 1000 times, get bored and never search for the lyrics. This happens to music I get from people, like the entire White Stripes discography I got from my boyfriend.
Here's another funny idea from persistenceunlimited.com:
One push-up a day.
Sounds weird? "Now let me ask you question. How many push-ups did you do last year? Was it less or more than 365?" Well, in my case, it was something around 4. No that I care about push-ups when I got my dear yoga, but that's not the point. The point is that the "one a day" method can be better than many others.
I'm looking for some more resolution ideas.

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