18 January 2008

Geek goes to school

I went to school yesterday. That's a big event now, last time I set foot there was 8 days earlier (and only for two hours). It was cool, I got a nice break from kernel hacking. Instead, I was chillin' with the guys (I had semantics and operating systems and I'm the only girl in both classes) and talking about partying and movies and games... Nah, I'm fooling you. What do you honestly think we were talking about?

I learned a few useful things at school, like the fact that the number of major page faults is indeed in the task_struct (click here for exclusive information!) and that the semantics teacher still doesn't want to teach us about program verification. Why would he? The verification assignement was due that day and everyone did it somehow. Oh yeah, and I learned how to do the verification assignement on a short trip to the computer lab and did it too. See kids how useful going to school is?

Going to school has also some major disadvantages. My coffee milk got kindly donated to Fifa. Two classes strategically planned can take the whole day (2-6p.m. but I had to get there two hours earlier to do some administrative stuff, getting there takes an hour...) and I'm still tired. Still, it was a nice break from kernel hacking, but now I'm back to it.

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