16 January 2008

Webdesign: wavy underlined links

When I first saw the wavy border in CSS3, I was really excited and couldn't wait. But, the same applied to rounded corners. A year later, still not much CSS3 support, and rounded corners are everywhere (even here! though I didn't make these myself). By the time most people will have browsers tha support CSS3, rounded corners will be totally out. So, I decided I wouldn't wait and do wavy underlined links right now.
I used this image as a background for my links and obtained the following effect on embrion.pl:
Today, I ran across LaurenConrad.com and noticed that the same idea has been used:
Very pretty. But I wonder if this effect was intented:
I don't think the images should be underlined. Seems like someone hasn't paid attention to classes. Worse yet, no contact with the webmaster (hello usability!) and the menu uses Flash. I don't approve of Flash at all, and if you're using it for stuff that could easily be done with CSS and JavaScript and only make the site a little less fancy for users with no JS, you're dead.
Anyway, I'm going from one subject to another again, Lauren's site looks good anyway, and I was talking about wavy underlined links and how much I like them and how they were my idea (do you think echomusic copied from me?).
I wonder what the next rounded corners will be.


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