03 January 2008

What [not] to watch: Memento vs. A Beautiful Mind

Wow, "A Beautiful Mind" wins on Google Fight! I'm very surprised as it's an English title, but maybe Google Fight is limited to sites in English? Anyway, that's not my point. My point is that the Geek Chick loves both movies, however, not equally.
"A Beautiful Mind" is a really wonderful movie about how a mathematician and his wife deal with his schizophrenia. It's true (both based on facts and realistic) and constructive, he really deals with the illness and achieves a lot.
And old friend (a mathematician, those really dominate among my friends, I wonder why) recommended me "Memento" and I got to see it on New Year's Eve. I was expecting another Beautiful Mind about amnesia and I learned a lesson about reading some reviews before assuming anything about a movie because seen that way, it was quite disappointing. It's a good, original, kinda make-you-think-about-life movie, but relating it to reality doesn't really work and the amnesia in the movie isn't 100% realistic.
The best thing about both movies is that they really put you in the shoes of the protagonist. You get to see how it feels to see things that don't exist or to forget everything. The tensions isn't bad either. The acting is excellent. The rating on Rotten Tomato (because my taste in movies is still really immature) is impressing.
Any film producer run out of ideas on board? I'd really love to see a mix of the two: a movie as realistic and educative as the first one and about amnesia like the second one.

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