22 January 2008

Bruce Schneier facts

You've all heard the Chuck Norris facts and you're all fed up with them. I recently came across
Bruce Schneier Facts. They're all crypto-related and I've spent hours browsing them.
Here are my favourites:

Bruce Schneier puts the "cry" in "cryptography"

Bruce Schneier uses a different salt for his soup every day.

When Bruce Schneier counts, you can't predict the next number he's going to say.

When Bruce Schneier uses double ROT13 encryption, the ciphertext is totally unbreakable.

Bruce Schneier isn't saying what you think he's saying.

Bruce Schneier mounts chosen-ciphertext attacks without choosing the ciphertext.

Bruce Schneier shaves with Occam's razor.
"Who's this Bruce Schneier anyway?" you might ask. He's a cryptographer and he owns a blog about security. His most famous book is Applied Cryptography, which of course, is on my bookshelf. (Although it's not mine but my friend's, but I'm buying my own as soon as she wishes it back.)

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