29 January 2008

Allergy to God

I'm writing today about a phenomenon I've been noticing quite often recently, which I call "allergy to God".

Allergy to God is when I asked people about their opinions on an article and one person replied:

"I didn't read the article 'cause I saw in the comments that god was mentioned a lot, not my thing."
Does this word bite? I have no problem with reading articles mentioning Buddha or Allah or ancient mythology or even atheism. Okay, yesterday, I decided not to watch a documentary about treating pedophiles, as it showed like they don't understand the harm they did to the victims and speak of what they did with a terrifying indifference. But if you feel in a similar way when it's about God, I say it's allergy.

Allergy to God is when people don't want the Pope to visit an University:
The students and some professors say the Pope's reactionary views and "anti-science" attitudes made him an unsuitable speaker.
So that's what democracy and freedom of speech is about?

Allergy to God is when Young People Who Rock reports about the the organizers of "I Am Worth the Wait", saying:
We hear about sex all the time -- sex scandals, sex tapes, sexual marketing. The young organizers of I Am Worth the Wait don't want to hear about it anymore. And they certainly don't want to hear how cool it is. (...) The goal of the group is to bring together teens and 20-somethings of all races, religions and backgrounds to talk about something other than sex.
And people reply (I'm quoting an anonymous comment here, there are many others alike):
So, this group is discouraging kids from talking openly about sex? That's EXACTLY what we need! Denial! Then again, that's always been the conservative religious way, hasn't it?
Where's the denial? Where's the religion? If you need to talk about sex, there are many opportunities, there's a lot of information easily reachable. The group doesn't forbid anything to anyone, it just offers something different.

Allergy to God is everywhere. However, I believe it's easy to cure.

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