19 September 2008

Sometimes it's better not to have goals in life.

Dear readers, as much as love motivating stuff (I mean stuff that motivates and not trying to motivate stuff), I will be demotivating you today.

I had a great vacation in Spain. Then I had a few exams at school. Then I went to work for a few days. Basically, I never had any free time to allocate during these days. So I started thinking it was time to set some goals in life, plan some activities for the free time, stuff like that.

I do have a few blurry goals, but I need to figure out the importance hierarchy first. These include blogging, writing about Silverlight, learning asp.net, meeting friends, sewing,... well, lots of random stuff.

And then my laptop crashed. Crashed big time - the hard drive is dammaged and is being low-level formatted at this moment and I'll see if I need to buy a new one. No documents lost, but the systems and applications all need to be reinstalled - that's like two days of work, plus one trying to recover the inconsistent ntfs.

Who likes to have three days wasted? Well, I'm really surprised how little I minded it when I found out. What can I say? I had no plans to cancel. Isn't it a good thing sometimes?


  1. Hi,

    I always make images of my harddrive - maybe it's a good idea for you in the future...



  2. Yeah, I should back up more often. But I didn't lose any important data, just a bunch of downloaded files and installed programs, all that is easy to recover.