13 September 2008

What [not] to watch: The Hills

MTV just resumed airing "The Hills" for a fourth season and I just resumed school work. This perfect synchronisation lead me to giving the show a try while writing the networks assignment. (I had watched the previous seasons during previous study sessions.)

The show is about young women moving to L.A. to attend courses at the Fashion Institute and start their careers and it's made to look like a reality show. The realism is questionable, but as I'm not interested in those people's private lives, I don't care. (Quite the opposite actually: the more privacy they get to keep, the better for me.) Anyway, what I liked about the show was seeing what the girls did at work. One was a receptionist but two had an internship at Teen Vogue that included various tasks at various places and that was fun to watch.

But one day the girls moved on form Vogue and became stylists which I guess must be as boring as receptionist, judging by how much airtime it gets. So the plot revolves about the personal life. In the personal lives, someone has spread rumors about Lauren so she's not talking to Heidi nor Spencer who is not talking to Brody but Lauren is friends with Spencer's sister who talks to Spencer and at the same time Lauren moves in with her friends Audrina and Lo but Lo is bitchy to Audrina who becomes a bit estranged and when Lo apologies Audrina says they won't be friends - got it? So now and again someone talks to someone he mustn't and someone is offended and that's what is shown. The only quote that made sense to me came from the sister, who tries not to fight with anyone as she has nothing to do with any feud but always get involved against her will: "are we five?".

Well, let me just say, I prefer writing the networks assignment. It's not as much fun, but I least I get to feel that my intellect is appreciated, not insulted.

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