21 June 2009

Summer is here!

Yeah, Summer is here!

I had my last exam yesterday. Yep, on a Saturday, at 9 a.m. Finally, it's over!!!

Now, I know I just came back from a two-week vacation in Tunisia, but believe me, I'm tired like crazy again. Honeymoons are absolutely well-deserved vacations for the whole emotional weight of getting married, no matter how wonderful marrying one's loved one is. By going to school at the same time, you totally earn the right to another trip. And we're totally planning one. Kinda. Someday.

For now, my plans are:

  • getting my butt back to the office Monday morning
  • pushing my master thesis (I wonder if my advisor remembers me and that's not good)
  • learning some python and cooking
  • erm, blogging more, doing some Silverlight stuff again would be really cool...
  • taking advantage of the fact that I now live next to the forest!

I hope you're excited for Summer as well. If you need, here are some activities suggestions, and here's some advice about how to put things off and stop caring to realize your dreams. Have a great Summer everyone!

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  1. Here are those from my cellphone: http://picasaweb.google.pl/a.wrochna/Tunisia02

    Which reminds me, Hubby still has some on his... high time to get them out of there.