06 June 2009

I got to level one at Project Euler (and would like to thank my boss and everyone...)

I go to level one at Project Euler! I got this pretty picture as a reward:

Now what does this have to do with my boss...

First, let's precise that the term "my boss" means "those guys who make the decisions and I don't know which one decides what" - no sucking up! So, "the boss" transferred me to a Python project and with a bunch of guys, we're learning Python.

Remember how I wrote I started learnig Python by solving Project Euler problems? Well, that's what we're told to do at work! There's a contest going on, in which many problems are from there, so when I solved one, I submitted it both to work and Project Euler and it was the last one I needed to get to level one, so here I am.

Can something be more motiviating than a contest at work? I have to code...

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