30 May 2009

Tunisia trip: my shopping

My honeymoon in Tunisia didn't lack shopping, here's what I bought:

A French-arabic dictionary:

Muuuch cheaper than the only Arabic dictionnaries buyable in Poland. This dictionnary is intented for pupils (Tunisian children learning French), which is absolutely okay for me.

Two issues of AlJamila:

One issue of Saydaty:

A home deco magazine but it's called "Home" or something like that and it's a hell to google.

A Northern-African cookbook by Haydée Tamzali:

A shiny golden camel and a few shiny colofrul boxes:

Some belly dance stuff:

A few satin nightgowns - so pretty I can't find accurate pictures on the web.

A long part dress, and that should be it. Good thing I didn't take too much luggage with me, so we didn't exceed the weight limit.

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