26 March 2008

Apache Tuscany SDO Java from a Java illiterate's point of view

Today (as yesterday and the day before), I'm working on my team project. I have to use the Apache Tuscany SDO Java thing and write in Java. Well, as I might have mentioned before, I don't know Java, so it's a lot of fun. I don't really get the examples. They often assume (well, why wouldn't they) at least basic Java knowledge. So one tutorial has code samples, and I'm like "Wait! There has to be some imports at the beginning, what are they precisely?" Another one has constructors. Fine, but what's "this"? What's "super"? Time to read an introduction to Java constructors.

The official documentation is a bit incoherent and incomplete. It's also quite divided between the "readme" files and the website and you don't always know where to look for the things you need. So, whatever works for me, I'm writing down here. I'd be happy if that helps anyone or someone has something constructive to add.

Meanwhile, I'm learning Java.

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