03 March 2008

Geek starts new week

Another tough week is starting. This one has two exams on the menu that I have to take again: semantics and operating systems. I'm still waiting for my operating systems lab scores and hope they will be high enough.

So, day 1 of 7, I went to today's classes and took the semantics exam. I was way better prepared this time and solved all the problems. That's a good start.

Right now, it's the evening, I'm too tired to study (the operating systems are on Thursday). So I went to Babbel.com and started studying Spanish. As I'm going to Spain in the summer, the lesson "vacaciones al mar" was an obvious choice.

Now, top priority, those operating systems. I don't wanna have to re-take the test in September and have my vacaciones al mar ruined.

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