14 February 2009

My biggest dream is to marry well (and that's not pathetic)

My biggest dream is to marry well. Is it. And some people find it pathetic. And I'm gonna prove it's not.

Just marry? And that's it?

People ask when I speak my mind. The thing is, it's not just marry and it's never it.

It's never it because marriage is forever, for better or for worse. I don't want to just get into it, but to stay in it. For life.

It's not just marry because it's about love everyday, it's about making a great commitment, it's about a lot more than just going through a certain ceremony. Love is easy on Valentine's day. It's easy when things are good. It's harder when you have to sacrifice a dream for it or the person you loved hurt you. Still, I wanna do it without exceptions: love that man every single day, even if he lies to me, cheats on me, put something above me... Of course, I want my husband to love me that way as well.

In the TV shows I watch, the protagonists keep on changing partners - otherwise, not much would happen. But they have someone predestined for them in a way that the viewers know it from the start. They might end up together after seven seasons of stupidity (or soon but drift apart and back), but they will, and when they do, everyone knows this relationship is not like the others - it's forever. That's what I want - to marry my Mr Right (I'll pass on the seven seasons of stupidity).

Attentive readers will ask:

But you're already engaged!

That's right, I am. Therefore, my biggest dream is to marry my fiance. There - I found a way to say it that sounds dumb even to me! What's a fiance for if not to marry him? But, if you read that post attentively, you should understand how much this means to me.

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