09 March 2009

CD's 30th birthday - let's celebrate!

I just learned from Gizmodo that the Compact Disc celebrated its 30th birthday yesterday.

Happy birthday, then CD! Let's celebrate (I know, it was yesterday, but I had a life yesterday).

Since I'm getting married in April, I'm moving out, and for that occasion, I'm getting rid of as much stuff as possible. Uncluttering by me usually means:

  1. opening a random drawer
  2. looking at the whole bunch of stuff I haven't used for years
  3. finding the reasons why it's okay to throw it away (and beating all the "but it's a gift", "but I might use it",...)
And since I'm not good at doing this one huge organizing day, I declutter piece by piece. Piece of the day: tapes. My old and not really working sound system is not going with me (fiance has a much better one). New sound systems don't read tapes. Besides, tapes have low quality and use storage space and it's way better to re-buy everything as mp3. Or even CDs.

Bottom line, I'm celebrating the CD's birthday by throwing my tapes away. How geek.

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