05 March 2009

Lego food

What geek doesn't love Legos? Legos are the one and only toy I'm never-ever gonna give away - all my bricks are for my kids. But that's not the point of today's post. I just came across some cool Lego food stuff, and there's enough of it to throw a Lego-themed party. Check it out!

First, Apartment Therapy show us how to make an Anatomically Correct Lego Cake:

Betty Crocker also has great Lego block cakes:

... and Hello Naomi has these fabulous cupcakes:

Joe Reid found some Lego fruit snacks, lucky guy:

However, it's much more fun to make them yourself:

Anything else can be packed in Lego lunch boxes:

Lastly, the dinks! The Lego store used to have a Lego block ice cube tray:

Now, who feels like throwing a Lego-themed party?

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