12 March 2009

Geek plays home, starting with the WC

I'm getting married, moving out, then moving in, all that stuff, and today, shopping on-line for cool home items.

Turns out every room in your home can be cool, and the coolest of all can be the toilet.

The Sudoku toilet paper deserves an honorable mention for making it possible:

The toilet seat can bring a lot of fun to the bathroom as well. Well.. sometimes, "WTF was the designer thinking" is more appropriate than "fun". Let this picture speak for itself (or forever hold its peace):

I guess "Pharaoh's treaures" sounds better than "WC content", doesn't it?

This one just feels wrong, and not in a forbidden fruit kind of way:

However, the best toilet ever was posted today by Gizomodo:

This one definitely takes the art of toilet designing to new heights. Or lows, depending on the point of view.


  1. Oh those are just weird.

    I am only on board with the Sudoku paper but.. lol :) Maybe the great works of Dickens would be better?

  2. mam pytanie może znasz teorie matematyczną nie jest ona wykłada w Polsce na żadnej uczelni bazuje na matematyce dyskretnej za pomocą niej można np skonstruować kalkulator