18 February 2008

First day of school

Hello from school on the first day of the new semester.

Don't be fooled - the old one isn't exactly over yet. I am still waiting for my scores of the operating systems lab. Once you get your score, you can fix your code and send it again and get 75% of the poins. We have time untill next monday. Sure, my group will have a bit longer, as we would have to fix two assignements in a week, wich would be cruel, still, I'm not happy. I can't wait to be done with it.

Anyway, as you can see from my schedule, today is Artificial Intelligence day. First, a lecture. I overslept (as planned, the lecture notes are avaliable on-line).

10a.m., a lab. Now here's something I love about my school:

"So, I assume everyone here knows Java."

Yeah. Let's take a look at our program. First, you have "introduction to programming" and "programming methods" in Pascal. Then "object oriented programming" in SmallTalk with a bit of C++. Then "concurrent programing" and then "operating systems", both in Ansi C. Anyone sees Java on the list? (Anyone sees something that I could use in real life or that could get me a job?)

I'm learning Java.

(In parallel, there's the team project we'll be writing this semester (during the first semester we just did the documentation), in Java. We're supposed to meet on Tuesdays but the teacher is trying to reschedule it on Thursday or Fridays, violating my holy right to a 4-day week-end. Gotta fight for my right!)

Back to my day. Right now, free time, which I used to get a lunch and now I'm back at the lab (gotta learn Java). Then AI class at 2 p.m. Then groceries shopping and studying home. I let my Brother use my laptop for a presentation and I'll have it back in the evening. I wonder how I'll survive my first afternoon without it.

Can anyone recommend a good Java tutorial?

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