01 February 2008

Microsoft encourages bad behaviour

I am really concerned about Microsoft's influence on the youth nowadays. It openly encourages swearing and drinking.

I was once using Microsoft Visual Studio and look what I saw in the documentation:

At least, the f-word wasn't entirely written, still, everyone knows what the word is.

The following story is also very concerning:

***Welcome to MSN Support***
<MSN Assistant> Hello how can I help?
<Divination> I recently downloaded msn 6.2 and it has been giving me problems…
<MSN Assistant> Yes, please continue.
<Divination> I can’t stop drinking I think I’ve turned into an alcoholic…
*MSN Assistant has left the conversation.

Not only MSN made this young person drink, which is scandalous in itself, but the corporation denied all responsibility and refused giving any help. What a wrong example for the youth!

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