26 February 2008

On my wishlist: Nokia Morph

I try to stay away from all the gadget mania. I hate marketing and I'm the last person to buy that new extra hot and fashionable cell phone just because everyone does so and some people in marketing tell us to do so. But marketing is another topic.

Today, a gadget that I have to have: the Nokia Morph.
It's so geek, so cute, so shiny, so cool and everything. They don't even have something that cool on Star Trek!

It's not only cool, but also very practical, especially for a woman. Being a woman, even a geek one, you always need to carry a purse because you always [may] need the following:

  1. money
  2. season tickets
  3. cell phone
  4. make-up
But, how often do I go out and wish I didn't have to watch my bag? And when I go out, I often wear a dress, so no pockets available. However, with this gadget, great times are coming, as you can wear it as a bracelet:
So, what does a girl still have to carry? Money - let's count on the boyfriend for this one. Season tickets - right now they can be registered in a card, so why not in a cell phone (or card I'd put in the phone)? Cell phone - let it be a bracelet! So it's just the make-up. How about a make-up palette in a box made with the same technology (so as a bracelet for the other hand)?

Oh yeah, great times are coming. As soon as this beautiful baby comes out and I can afford it.

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