16 February 2008

Wow, 2008 OS for Nokia 770!

The Nokia 770 was born with the 2005 OS. Then came the 2006 OS. Then came the Nokia n800 with its 2007 OS and soon, a 2007 OS Hacker Edition was released for the 770. Then n800 got a new OS, the 2008 one. Here's a picture. Nice, isn't it?

Okay, enough history, hot news coming: there is now a 2008 OS for the Nokia 770! That's like "hacker hacker edition". Announcement here.

Okay, looks cool, BUT:

Extra swap memory is required to get a decent performance, the device reboots from time to time... This release is definitely not recommended to end users and not even to users depending on this device alone. We are releasing it to show how far we have gone but for us this is a proof that the Hacker Edition has reached its limit.

Okay, I'm not reflashing. It's nice to see that the geeks made it work, but I need something stable at the moment. Right now, my rs-mmc card is screwed (the 1 GB one) and I have to use a 64 MB card, which doesn't even hold 10 mp3 files. Plus the browser crashes when I try to log in to the hotspot at school (how annoying!) and I don't know how to fix it without reflashing.

The 2007HE OS is slow enough as it is. I tried to post here from bed the other day. The browser had to be the only program running. The Opera browser couldn't handle the JS Blogger is based on. The Mozilla browser was slow as hell and when after 15 minutes a guest came over, I gave up. It really is pushing this hardware to the limits.

Someday, I'm gonna get a giant new card, install both 2006 OS and 2007HE OS, extend the swap to the card and everything is going to work so great...


  1. Yeah, I flashed it for a while. With 64MB VM on RSMMC, it was usable, but slow. After a week I started getting spontaneous reboots within a minute of booting. I decided to go back to 2007 OS, but have hopes for the next revision.
    By the way, great blog!

  2. Hi, thanks for coming and commenting.
    I just got a 2GB RS-MMC card, so I'm up for experimenting, but I still think I'm gonna stick with 2007 OS. 2008 OS is for when I'm richer and get a new Tablet.

  3. Śmiesznie wygląda ten OeSik bez półprzeźroczystych elementów :)

    pozdrawiam koleżankę z miasta :)

  4. I have a 1 gig card in mine.
    2008 HE is kinda buggy still.
    I'd avoid it even with a new card.
    2007HE is better but so-so. Use the 1st Fiasco image or the second. The latest is crap.

  5. Well, I don't use the 770 anymore, I gave it to my brother. I had lots of fun and now he has. :)