25 May 2008

Free the bathing suits!

I recently ordered a new bathing suit, namely this one:

I choose it because of its original cut: it looks a bit like a dress or figure skating outfit.

The reason of my choice were not body issues. I just cannot stand how nowadays, there is all this talking about freedom, being yourself and doing what you want, but there is only one form of bathing suit socially acceptable. Plus, this only right cut is far from perfect, as many women feel uncomfortable in it. Our personal-freedom-oriented culture puts a lot of pressure on them to look perfect for the "bikini season". There also is a huge lack of respect for the female body in our society, which takes form in pointing out its imperfections when it does not fit the norms, or treating it in a far from platonic way when it does. Well, at least, women can choose the way they are disrespected.

Anyway, what I think, is that any form of bathing suit (as long as it is safe, of course) should be socially acceptable, from bikini to Burquini:

I really hope the recent invention of the Burquini will be the start of the liberation of the bathing suit in any shape or form and soon every woman will be able to find a bathing outfit that she will feel comfortable in.

You may read more about the Burquini here and the bikini season here.

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  1. I loved this entry (: you are so right about people banging on about freedom but then saying what is right to wear and wrong to wear.
    I love that you included the Burkini! (:

  2. Thank you for taking a stand that not everyone wants to bare it all at the beach. I love your suit.

  3. I just saw the recent news item about how a woman was not allowed to enter a public pool because she was wearing a burkini. Now, I don't know, maybe they were afraid of germs from the outside world on her burkini(Really, like people don't bring germs in anyway?!)- but really, we all know what it was about.

    I am a young American woman who has always dressed quite modest. I don't want slobbering men staring at me and want to be respected and known for my ideas not bosom or butt. I hate that women today feel they must wear a bra and panty style suit to the beach to feel 'normal' and otherwise, they feel like an 'old lady' if they choose to cover up! I'd rather purchase and wear a burkini than sport something that has my entire butt hanging out of it for the world to see!

  4. I think people should be entitled to wer what they want in the water, for whatever reason. But, like the aol article today, there are certain times when such a swimsuit is not appropriate. To wear this in a pool, or to a waterpark.. is asking a lot. If it hugged the body like a wetsuit, and didn't have a lot of parts that could catch on things, that would be okay. I don't think it's the amount of skin being shown, but the fact that people are trying to swim fully clothed, and in some cases, that can't be allowed... for anyone.

  5. Thank you everyone for your input. Iggy's mom - I didn't know about that story, thanks for letting me know.

    As for bathing fully clothed... normal clothes can absorb a lot of water and become heavy. That's why there should be safe and modest bathing suits avaliable.

    For the waterpark, I don't know. Maybe a burkini can be potentially dangerous - but that would be a reason to ban them from the slides, not the entire swimming pools. And hey, the first burquinis I heard of were designed for lifeguards, so they have to be safe.

    Let's also note how professional swimmers are often covered to the knees. There's really no reason to only allow the revealing suimsuits.