08 May 2008

A totally lame post about how beautiful spring is.

Better ignore this post as it has no geekness, nor relevant content. I just need to get out of my system how delightful the wether is right now. The sun is shining most of the time, but it isn't hot yet and there are no mosqitoes (and almost no insects at all). I keep my windows open during the day and the temperature is juct perfect (in summer, you have to wait for the night to come in order to open the windows, but then you have to deal with the insects). I can mix my summer and winter clothes and basically use every single piece of clothing I own to create unique outfits - spring is so inspiring! I can spend loads of time outside without putting my fragile health at risk.

Okay, enough.


  1. This is actually the best of life IMHO. I enjoy computers and technology but if I can get out to the park, I would rather be there than at a keyboard.

  2. Wow, you were fast! You commented before I previewed that post!!! :)
    Shoudn't you be in the park? :P