30 May 2008

Two important life goals reached

I have achieved two extremely important goals today. More specificly, I found stuff, really cool stuff.

1. I found a job
. Two actually. I went to two interviews and got both jobs. I rejected the PHP programmer offer and chose the job where I will learn C# at work.

2. I found a Hello Kitty item that wasn't listed yet on Hello Kitty Hell. It's a Hello Kitty hole punch:
The image credit goes to HelloKittyMuseum and the entry on Hello Kitty Hell is now here.


  1. *OMG* only 2 interviews and got both jobs?

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here.
    Motivating and inspirational..... really.
    You are *one in a million*..........................

    Greetings from Barcelona.

    A big ASP programming book on your bag?... *OMG*