02 June 2008

Kitten to take

Someone has very graciously offered us a kitten, without even teling us, so we won't feel obliged to give anything in return. How lovely.

Well, the problem is we have two cats already and they absolutely do not want to share the house with a third one. Plus, the kitten is a female, wich means more and more kittens to come like in the Fibonacci sequence. So, we're taking care of this baby for a while, but we'd love to give it to someone, so if you are (or know someone who is) interested, contact me.

[Update] The kitten has found a new loving owner, and now I find myself missing it a lot, but Boyfriend told me not to be sad because there will be a new one next year. That's because last year, we were put in the exact same situation. We should start a rumor that we drown these kittens or something.

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