13 June 2008

Howard Webb dead on the web

Despite anything I said about TV being boring, and despite having the concurrent programming final exam today, I couldn't resist the temptation of watching the Football game yesterday evening. My country was playing against Austria.

We did great, scoring a goal in the first half, fair and square. But, in the second half, (actually, the the 92nd or third minute) when players were fighting for the ball, the referee, Howard Webb, gave Austria a penalty shot, and they scored, ending the game 1:1. Everyone in Poland is disgusted and frustrated about the injustice of the situation. More info on the game here.

Fortunately, in Poland, people have the excellent habit of openly expressing their anger in a sane and open way (I'm beging ironic here in case you're afraid I'm supporting agression). So, when I decided to google for Mr.Webb, one of the first results was a poem almost impossible to quote or translate due to the amount of obscene words (the ones with the dots). His English Wikipedia page is semi-protected due to vandalism, and so is the Polish discussion page.

Better yet, here's what Grono.net, one of Poland's biggest social networking webiste, looked like this morning (8 a.m.):
Again, the obscenity of many of those pictures make them unworth quoting, but this one is quite funny:

As for now, 9:30 a.m., more people have noticed the trend and there are now recursive pictures (and boy, do I love recursion):

The guy is dead. At least on the web.


  1. it's 24h after match, according to whoateallthepies website-users approx 1.3 million people want to kill this bastard

  2. What is more, Howard Webb is currently guraded by the police. Security has been also granted to a 60-year old Brithish engineer, who is also named Howard Webb, because of huge amount of threats he received. This is the clear signal to all football referees - you shall regret enraging the Poles. Do not mess with them.

  3. Wow, I didn't know about that engineer...

    Have you seen this: http://www.howardwebbins.com/ ?

    "They know how to solve your financing concerns." :D