12 June 2008

Betrayed about threads

I might be getting a little bit paranoid here... but people have been lying to me a lot recently, all about threads in Java.

Here's the deal: I have this team project, right? I'm writing a thingy that has a GUI and is supposed to check for new messages and display them to the user. It's a huge step for me, but humanity has done it already.

A teammate told me I needed an extra thread to do that. "Because you can't make the main thread check for messages, because the GUI would be irresponsive, because the GUI thread would be busy."

I told that to Boyfriend. He said it was untrue and that by scheduling work for the GUI thread, I could do the thing without a single thread.

Without a single thread. You gotta be kidding me, right? How can any work get done without a single thread?

Mmm, yeah, whatever, don't take that post too seriously, I'm just writing for the fun of writing, and here's the whole deal about threads in java explained if you care.

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  1. Concurrency and threads in object oriented programming languages are tricky. Here is a very interesting video about this topic (covers mostly Java, but is also applicable to most OOP languages).