29 June 2008

Ups and downs while the world goes round

When was the last time I blogged? Nothing keeps a student busy like the finals and then getting over the finals. And life doesn't exactly give us a break in this hard time, always with the ups and downs... here are those form last week.

I passed two more finals: correcting codes and concurrent programming. One is the well deserved result of hard work, the other the well deserved result of making the wise desicion of picking a mathematical class for computer science students and putting my knowledge of algebra to use.

I failed one final: artificial intelligence. Getting sick two days before the exam doesn't help, but those two days wouldn't make a difference if I was ready earlier.

I broke my new sunglasses. I guess carrying them in a backpack with the laptop wasn't a great idea.

I went to see the movie "Sex and the City". With Boyfriend. He survived.

A headhunter called. She was a bit rude and her company doesn't have a website, but it's nice to see I'm wanted and tell her twice what I earn to see what happens.

We almost finished the team project. The teamwork went great and now we're really good friends.

The presentation of the team project was a disaster.
Ubuntu 7.10 wouldn't cooperate with the projector, so all we got to show were the bits that we had on another laptop.

There must be something more, but that's all I remember for now.

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  1. so the moral is to enjoy every moment.