02 July 2008

Geek gets new phone (and gives it up)

I recently had the opportunity to buy a new phone for a buck (even less, actually), to choose from a short list in an even shorter time. Encourage by all my positive experiences with the 770, I decided to trust Nokia and chose the Nokia 2610.

The day I got it, I had a very hard time deciding wether to switch to this phone or keep my old one. My old one has a black-and white screen and no vibrator, but I'm so used to it that I could use it with my eyes closed. The Nokia 2160, however has a few features that my old one doesn't have:

  1. A colorful screen. But that makes it harder to read in the sunshine.
  2. A thingy to connect a leash. Could be useful.
  3. Java. I know Java now, you know? I could write something. But I also know other stuff and haven't even tried programming anything for the Nokia 770.
  4. Mp3 ringtones. Cool!
  5. A compatible charger with my Nokia 770. Or so I thought. That would make one charger less to carry around, if they were the same. They're not. Now I'm really disappointed in Nokia. By the way, the cable to connect the phone to a PC is not included and is not a mini-USB like in the 770's case. Disappointed again.
All in all, I decided to keep my old phone (a Sagem my-X1 twin) and make a brother happy with this one. Brothers turned out to be unhappy about it, as nothing says "like of freedom" like "where are you right now?" or "why haven't you called?". But that's a different topic (and not a geek one).

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