13 July 2008

Fashion goes geek

Fashion goes round and things no one would consider "hip", "cool" or whatever end up extremely fashionable. Who would have ever thought the look below could be considered fashionable?

And yet it is. For three reasons, I think. First, so many areas have already been deeply explored by fashion and in search for something new, designers have taken inspiration in the geek look. Second, fashion is about what you can't have, and in a world when teens can have more and more, there's fewer things that they can't have, but for most, there's always exclusive private school like in Gossip Girl . Third, fashion is about making people buy new stuff, and no fashionista own enough clothes in that style to try wearing it.

Seriously, who's got a fox sweater in their wardrobe? Anyone? And a hat like that? My grandma does.

Well, I like this look. But unfortunately, few people at my school watch Gossip Girl and if I dressed like that, I'd look like one of our teachers instead of a fashion-aware person. I think the geek look needs more time to settle (and leaves to fall), people around me are wearing neon brights right now.

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  1. "Who would have ever thought the look below could be considered fashionable?"
    I would. My sister in law is a model in London (and one of the best students of Foreign Trade at University of Gdansk - so much for "stupid model" stereotype) and I can assure you that even models don't wear clothes they present in magazines. Many of these clothes are even not for sale, they exist in only one copy and you can't find them in any store. Their role is to show (or stimulate) specific trends including colours, shapes, styles, etc. and to inspire you to discover new ways you can express yourself through things that you wear. Wise people find in fashion magazines hints how to make them look good. Others just copy ideas, with different results :)