17 July 2008

I love this company!

So I'm playing with this Silverlight thing and I want User Control inheritance. I'm not asking for much, right? Inheritance in object-oriented programming? Turns out I am.

I'm making this tree. Nodes have different stuff in them, like text or a slideshow, but they're all nodes of the same big tree. Smells like inheritance, right? So I go and google "silverlight control inheritance". And end up on the official Silverlight forum.

Over there, cool quotes. An MVP says:

I don't know of any good workarounds for it at this point, I've tried a bunch of different things to get around this.

And another guy goes:

I'm surprised to see this works: (...) This is likely to be a bug. I'll redirect this to our product team.

And after another one:

This is a bug if it's working fine

I can say with all my heart: I love this company!

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